Q: Do I need a talent manager if I already have an agent?

A: It's important to understand the difference between a talent manager and talent agent. Talent managers, like talent agents, are paid a percentage of your income. We only make money when you do. Talent agents focus on helping you get auditions or book contracts with galleries, theaters, or production studio. Agents are great for helping you find the  next opportunity to keep you working. Talent managers have your long longer-term golsl in mind, guiding you into projects that will mostly help you reach your career objectives. A talent manager may advise you against signing certain contracts while encouraging you to consider others that better serve your long-term goals. A talent manager will also help you prepare for auditions, may introduce you to influential peopleiwithin the industry , and will help arrange for showing or performances. When possible, a talent manager is present at your showing, performances, and other events and gives feedback on artwork or performances. As talent manager we are well-connected in the industry, we get to know agents and the work they do to better guide you int choosing the best one.

Q: How is Portfolio Talent Management different from the other talent management companies?

A: We pride ourselves on putting your needs first. We believe doing what's best for our clients in the long term, even if that means we make less money in the short term, will eventually lead the most success for everyone. We are breaking new ground in talent management by harnessing hte full potential and reach of social media to help monetize the effort you put into your online presence.



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