Client Privacy Notice

Portfolio Talent Management Company

Last Updated: May 26, 2020

This privacy notice (“Notice”) describes to our valued clients the U.S. privacy policy (“Policy”) of Portfolio Talent Management Company (“Portfolio, “us” or “we”) .  
Who is Covered by this Privacy Notice?  

This Notice is intended to summarize our data handling practices, and applies to both current and former clients who are individuals residing in the United States. The Policy does not apply to those clients residing outside the U.S., or to partnerships, corporations, trusts or other clients and entities that are not individuals.

This Notice summarizes our business practices regarding your privacy; how we collect and share personal information about you; and how you can limit our sharing or certain uses by others of this information. We may amend our Policy at any time, and will provide notice of changes to our Policy.

We Respect Your Privacy

We appreciate that, in engaging us, you provide us with your personal and financial information. We understand your concerns about how we handle that information.  We continue to follow our commitment to treat that information with care.  Doing so is an important part of how we conduct our business.
What Personal Information Do We Have and Share About You?
In performing services for you, we regularly receive, process and maintain certain personal information about you.  All such information is referred to as “your information” in this notice.  This information may include: 
•    Information provided by you, including information from documents and other forms we receive from you or while performing services for you;
•    Information about your professional activities related to transactions with us or our affiliates; and
•    Information about your professional activities related to transactions with non-affiliated third parties.
For example, we obtain information, such as your name, address, email address, telephone/fax numbers, bank account numbers, and other information from documents you submit to us.

How do We Protect Your Information?

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards intended to protect your information and information about you from unauthorized access, alteration and destruction. Threats to information are ever-evolving, so no safeguard is perfect. We also rely on you to help us identify threats to your information. So, if you notice any suspicious activity, or become a victim of identity theft or fraud, please alert us as soon as possible.

With Whom Do We Share Your Personal Information?


Portfolio needs to share your personal information to provide services to you.  The ways we may share your information include: 
•    We may disclose your information in connection with activities we undertake for you, such as in our efforts to procure engagements or employment, to process payments in connection with your professional activities, to respond to legal process, or to perform other services on your behalf that you have asked us to perform.
•    We may share your information with our affiliates (entities related to us through common ownership), so they may offer services to you and help us serve you better.
•    We may share your information with non-affiliated service providers such as attorneys, banks, administrators, and custodians, to facilitate your professional activities, enable them to perform services on our behalf, or as otherwise permitted or required by law. 

If you prefer that we limit our sharing of your information to our affiliates or others for the purpose of offering you services, please email us at

How this Privacy Policy Relates to Your Management Agreement

This notice is designed to help you better understand how we treat personal information we may have about you, and is intended to incorporate the terms of our management agreement we may have with you.  Where terms of this notice differ from those contained in your management agreement, the terms of your agreement will control our use of any information you choose to provide or give us access to.  

How to Contact Us About Privacy Matters

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or would like to contact us for any reason concerning our privacy practices, please email us at

Geographic Limits

This privacy notice applies to all clients who are natural persons residing in the United States. 



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